Anti-corrosion Pipeline Process
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Anti-corrosion Pipeline Process

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Leveling base surface treatment → → → paint brush paint brush or spraying construction → maintenance

Pipeline corrosion protection are divided into main body corrosion and repair weld corrosion protection

Pipe the choice of material, depending on the main pipeline coating material may be.

Frequently used repair methods are asphalt repair, epoxy coal tar pitch-pipe, adhesive tapes-pipe, powder epoxy pipe and PE heat shrinkable material to fill a variety of ways.

Piping subject if it is a three-layer PE composite structure, its supplementary material choice for three-layer PE heat shrinkable pipe material.

Joint of single-layer epoxy powder coating with epoxy powders, adhesive tapes + primer and three-layer PE heat shrinkable joints in three ways.

Another: domestic application more of steel quality pipeline anti-corrosion layer has oil asphalt, and PE jacket and the PE bubble jacket, and ring oxygen coal asphalt, and coal tar enamel, and ring oxygen powder and three layer composite structure, and ring oxygen coal asphalt cold wrapped around with (PF type), and oak plastic type ring oxygen coal asphalt cold wrapped around with (RPC type),, currently application most wide of several pipeline anti-corrosion way for three layer PE composite structure, and single layer powder ring oxygen, and PF type cold wrapped around with, and RPC type cold wrapped around with.

Asphalt, raw materials and extensive, low prices. However, poor working conditions, quality assurance, environmental pollution is serious.

Epoxy coal tar pitch, easy to operate, but coating curing time, influenced by the environment, not suitable for field work, below 10 ℃ to construction.

Epoxy anticorrosive, adopts electrostatic spraying method, with the same materials a good anti-corrosion pipe body melt, strong adhesion, but less waterproofing epoxy powder (high water absorption, 0.83%), bring some difficulties to the cathodic protection design. Demanding, difficult operation, quality control.

3PE heat-shrinkable material, anticorrosion sealing strong, high mechanical strength, waterproof, strong, stable quality, easy construction, applicability, and does not pollute the environment. PE low water absorption (less than 0.01%), with a high strength epoxy, PE low water absorption and hot melt adhesive is soft and good, have very high corrosion reliability, shortcomings are as follows: costs compared with other repair materials, the high cost.

PF-and RPC-type tapes construction is simple, matching three-setting glue, PF epoxy coal bitumen tapes can be used in any environment, in any season, in any temperature conditions and construction.

Tapes and 3PE shrink features: suitable for various materials coating of pipes and other ways to apply the same or close to the main body of material pipe coating.

Followed with the development of pipeline corrosion also need insulation, oil is a complex mixture of corrosive pipelines, corrosion protection is necessary, but the oil pipeline corrosion under insulation needs to be done, and winter in the Northeast, thermal expansion and contraction of burst pipes, affecting stability of supply.

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