Forming Process Equipment Has Been Rapid Development
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Forming Process Equipment Has Been Rapid Development

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With the rapid development of China's glass bottle industry, the manufacturers used by the bottle machine equipment more and more models, with the development of these situations, PTFE Molding Process Equipment as manufacturers how to ensure that the use of the molding process equipment more efficient Operation, no doubt on the molding equipment maintenance will put forward higher requirements, so this article on how to do a good job of forming process equipment maintenance and maintenance from several aspects to talk about their own experience, for everyone to study and discuss. Technical equipment lubrication; 2. On the impact of compressed air quality on the operation of equipment; 3. On the adjustment of equipment and institutions; 4. On the equipment of the hidden dangers; 5. On the equipment maintenance; 6. On the standardization of standardized operations, and resolutely put an end to barbarism operating.

The molding process equipment is the foundation and the condition of the composite material industry. With the widening of the field of composite materials, PTFE Molding Process Equipment the rapid development of composite materials industry, the old forming process is improving, the new molding methods continue to emerge, the current polymer-based composite materials have more than 20 kinds of molding methods, and successfully used in Industrial production.

Depending on the resin matrix material chosen, the processes are suitable for the production of thermosetting and thermoplastic composites, and both processes are suitable. Forming process equipment features: Compared with other materials processing technology, molding process equipment has the following characteristics:

(1) material manufacturing and product molding at the same time to complete

Under normal circumstances, the production process of composite materials, that is, PTFE Molding Process Equipment the process of forming products. The performance of the material must be designed according to the requirements of the use of the product, so in the choice of materials, design ratio, to determine the fiber layer and molding methods, must meet the physical and chemical properties of products, structural and appearance quality requirements.

(2) product molding is relatively simple

General thermosetting composite resin matrix, before the formation of liquid flow, the reinforcing material is soft fiber or fabric, PTFE Molding Process Equipment so the use of these materials to produce composite materials, the required processes and equipment than other materials is simple, for some products only need A set of molds can be produced.

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