High Temperature Resistance Of PTFE Heat Exchanger
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High Temperature Resistance Of PTFE Heat Exchanger

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The chemical properties of PTFE heat exchanger are very stable and the corrosion resistance is especially good. PTFE pipe Wall Smooth surface, and has a moderate flexibility, use of micro-vibration, it is not easy to scale. The heat transfer area in the unit volume is more than 4 times times of the tube-shell heat exchanger with metal tube. PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger Flexible PTFE tubes can work safely in the shock and vibration of fluids and can be made into a variety of special shapes as needed.

The PTFE heat exchanger comprises a shell body, a heat-exchanger tube in the shell, and a fluorine plastic ring at both ends of the heat-exchanger tube. A plurality of heat exchanger tubes are laminated with each other through the fluorine plastic ring at each end of the tube, and the outer surface of the fluorine plastic ring at both ends of the casing and the multi-layer tube is arranged in connection with the column tube, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger and the shell is provided with the material inlet and outlet of the cavity in the shell. The shell is provided with a metal pipe wall which is connected with the clamping sleeve to the outer and the outlet of the pipe, and the plastic anticorrosion layer is compounded by the outside tube. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, high pressure-resisting ability, can withstand -0.1~+1.6MPa working pressure, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger the heat transfer coefficient can be higher than the ordinary PTFE tube heat exchanger 50%, to 150 kcal/square meters, heat exchanger layout of the proportion of the heat exchanger area, each cubic metre of equipment volume within the heat exchange area of up to 80 square meters , the working temperature reaches -20℃~+200℃.

Compared with other heat exchangers, PTFE heat exchanger has notable characteristics. Heat exchangers made of graphite, ceramics, glass and other materials large volume, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger poor thermal conductivity, fragile easily broken, titanium, zirconium, and other rare metal heat exchanger materials cost is higher; stainless steel heat exchanger intolerable many strong corrosive medium, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger easy to produce intergranular corrosion and metal ions, and PTFE heat exchanger can almost work in all corrosive media, and maintain the purity of the heat transfer medium.

PTFE heat exchanger surface is smooth, difficult to scale, heat transfer coefficient is stable. The heat exchanger with 0.5 mm thin wall PTFE tube has good economic effect, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger and the whole equipment has a long life.

Second, PTFE heat exchanger manufacturing Process Brief

Four fluorine heat exchanger manufacturing process: "Fluorine plastic heat exchanger F-4 tube plate pressure heating welding" process, to solve the four fluorine pipe welding technology key. At present, the process has been used in industrial production, characterized by the need for simple equipment, less investment and can solve practical problems.

PTFE HEAT EXCHANGER Manufacturing: PTFE Heat exchanger manufacturing is divided into a welding equipment manufacturing (homemade), B fixture manufacturing, C process process, process three steps:

1, welding equipment manufacturing-welding Furnace

PTFE heat exchanger using F-4 tube plate pressure heating welding technology for pipe plate welding, this welding technology department of the day of any welding agent, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger heat exchanger finished parts of the whole PTFE structure material to ensure the corrosion resistance requirements. In all processes, the welding process is the key technical procedure of heat exchanger manufacturing.

Self-made welding furnace requires less investment, simple equipment, easy to operate and control workers, easy to maintain maintenance regularly. High welding firmness, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger good quality of welding surface. The mechanical strength of weld seam after welding is higher than the physical and mechanical properties of PTFE tube, so the welding furnace is the most important equipment in the manufacture of PTFE heat exchanger.

2. Tooling Manufacturing

The main tooling parts for the series of limited expansion mold, welding heating steel core, auxiliary tooling and other fixtures, specific detailed series of manufacturing drawings.

3. Process Flow:

PTFE HEAT EXCHANGER manufacturing Process: PTFE Tube test, blanking, layout, tube plate production, welding, welding quality testing, internal and external components assembly, finished sealing inspection, such as a total of 12 process processes, detailed details of each process flow chart and process instructions.

First of all, the PTFE tube heat-pipe is manufactured according to the set process. Trial production is strictly in accordance with formal procedures, test products after completion of standardized testing, its purpose is to detect the performance of welding equipment and familiar with the process of heat exchanger manufacturing.

After completion of testing products can enter the formal production stage, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger according to market demand to manufacture any specifications, any series of PTFE heat exchanger, industrial production.

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