And maintenance of vacuum coating equipment
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And maintenance of vacuum coating equipment

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1, vacuum coating equipment completes more than 200 coating procedures, should be clean and Studio time. Methods are: caustic soda (NaOH), saturated solution of repeated scrubbing vacuum chamber wall, (note that the skin may not be in direct contact with caustic soda solution, so as not to burn) aims to make film-coated aluminum (AL) reacts with NaOH, film after reaction to fall off, and release hydrogen. Then rinse the vacuum chamber and cloth gasoline wash fine dirt in the valve.

2, when the rough pump (Rotary piston pumps, rotary vane pumps) work continuously for a month (half of the rainy season), replace with new oil. By: loosen the bolt open oil, drain the old oil, pump start again for a few seconds, the old oil in the pump discharge. Loosen the oil bolt for playback, add new oil to the rated capacity (oil sight glass observation). Continuous use for more than six months, oil change oil CAP should be open, clean inside the dirt with a cloth.

3, and diffusion pump continuous using 6 months above, pumping speed obviously variable slow, or operation misconduct, filling into atmosphere, split to link pipes, remove furnace disc, will level nozzle twist out, first with gasoline will pump cavity and the pump bile cleaning a again, again with detergent against water cleaning a again, then with water completely cleaning clean, stay water volatile dry yihou, loaded good pump bile, joined new diffusion pump oil, and loaded back body, received good pipes, loaded good furnace disc, will can again boot. Before the reboot, pay attention to the leak. By: started maintaining the pump, shut the door, and after a few minutes, observe whether the diffusion pump parts vacuum reached 6X10 kPa, or leak. Check whether the join with sealing ring, or bad sealing under pressure. Excluding leakage hazards before they can heat or diffusion pump oil will burn rings.

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