Chemical composition analysis of vacuum coating equipment
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Chemical composition analysis of vacuum coating equipment

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How the chemical composition of vacuum coating equipment? Following small series takes you to a detailed analysis, can help you better understand.

1. thickness Shang of uniform sex, also can understanding for rough degrees, in optical film of scale Shang see (is 1/10 wavelength as units, about for 100A), vacuum plating film of uniform sex has quite good, can easily will rough degrees control in visible wavelength of 1/10 range within, that is for film of optical characteristics for, vacuum plating film no any obstacles, but if is refers to atomic layer scale Shang of uniform degrees, that is to achieved 10A even 1 a, of surface flat, Control factors of concrete depending on the coating gives a detailed explanation below.

2. chemical component Shang of uniform sex: that in film in the, compounds of atomic group branch due to scale had small and is easy of produced not uniform characteristics, SiTiO3 film, if plating film process not science, so actual surface of component is not SiTiO3, and may is other of proportion, plating of film is not is wants to of film of chemical components, this is vacuum plating film of technology content where, specific factors also in following to out.

3. uniformity of lattice ordered: this film is a single crystal, polycrystalline, amorphous, is a hot issue of vacuum coating technology.

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