What field of vacuum coating equipment
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What field of vacuum coating equipment

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1\ coating application of skills in integrated circuit manufacturing

Transistors layer in the road (SiO2, Si3N4), electrode line (polysilicon, aluminum, copper and their alloys) and other is the choice of CVD, PVCD metal skills, vacuum evaporation, sputtering and RF magnetron sputtering techniques. Gas-phase preparation of integrated circuits stacked one of core skills.

2\ coating application of skills in terms of decorations

Along with economic development and improvement of the living standards, everyone will watch case, strap, costumes, lighting, frames, table decorations, hardware, bags, mobile phone case, cell phone video, sanitary ware, food packaging and other ornament finishes as multicolored.

3\ coating skills in the use of optical instruments

We understand the optics telescopes, microscopes, cameras, range finders, and the usual supplies, such as mirrors, glasses, magnifying glasses, which are inseparable from the coating, coating thin film reflective film, antireflection film and absorbing film, and so on.

4\ coating skills applied in flat panel display

All types of flat-panel display with all types of films, and appeared almost all types of flat panel devices need to use ITO film to meet bright electrical requests. No exaggeration to say: no film skills don't appear.

5\ coating application of skills in security skills

Anti-counterfeiting film with many varieties, using approaches can be classified as reflective and transmissive; from the film approaches can be divided into direct coated, direct coating or plating film clip art.

6\ coating application of skill in the use of solar energy

When demand is useful when the use of solar thermal energy, having to think about the choice of the sun light more, and less of a loss caused by heat radiation absorption surface. Peak of the solar spectrum at a wavelength of approximately 2-20 µg m of infrared light. Because solar radiation and thermal radiation spectra have differences in the band, and thus, to useful use of solar thermal energy, must think selection of wavelength-selection characteristics of absorption surface. Ideal selection of solar radiation is absorbed surface spectral bands (visible light) absorption (α) is 1, the thermal radiation band (infrared) emissivity (ε) is 0.

7\ coating skills in the field of metal cutting tools, molds and other things using

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