Molding Process Equipment Development
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Molding Process Equipment Development

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With the rapid development of China's glass bottle industry, the manufacturers used by the bottle machine equipment more and more models, PTFE Molding Process Equipment with the development of these situations, as manufacturers how to ensure that the use of the molding process equipment more efficient Operation, no doubt on the molding equipment maintenance will put forward higher requirements, so this article on how to do a good job of forming process equipment maintenance and maintenance from several aspects to talk about their own experience, for everyone to study and discuss. Technical equipment lubrication; 2. On the impact of compressed air quality on the operation of equipment; 3. On the adjustment of equipment and institutions; 4. On the equipment of the hidden dangers; 5. On the equipment maintenance; 6. On the standardization of standardized operations, and resolutely put an end to barbarism operating.

On the molding process equipment research methods, has long been no major breakthrough, mainly to stay in the empiricist level. PTFE Molding Process Equipment With the development of computer technology in recent years, more and more engineering software came out, cold bending machine research has a new way of thinking and methods.

Finite element analysis technique. The traditional process design is mainly the application of engineering mechanics of the design of the parts of the mechanical verification, which for the traditional simple parts more practical. But today's cold bending machine produced by the workpiece more and more complex truncation, PTFE Molding Process Equipment the traditional mechanical method has become powerless.

So we need to use the computer finite element simulation method to our design of the workpiece for mechanical verification. Due to the special properties of cold bending, its longitudinal and transverse stress is relatively large, so it can also be applied to the finite element analysis method to study, so as to ensure the effect while improving the analysis speed.

The development of the molding process equipment is also aimed at the drawbacks of the current industry. The main research direction in the molding process equipment is to improve the design and product standards, improve the material properties, improve the equipment and mold, the material deformation in the machine, PTFE Molding Process Equipment the position of the shaft And flex. In the future, with the industrial development, the user needs more and more diversified, the kind of equipment to produce a single product of the era will be gone. In response to this situation, the flexible design of the cold bending machine is also increasingly important.

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