Molding Process Equipment Maintenance
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Molding Process Equipment Maintenance

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Molding process equipment for the realization of the process required for the reactor, tower, heat exchanger, containers, heating furnace, pump and so on.

In general, tooling is something exclusive to a product. For example, PTFE Molding Process Equipment inside the stamping workshop, the mold belongs to the tooling (mold can only produce the corresponding stamping parts), the hydraulic press belongs to the equipment (hydraulic press can fill the different mold production); welding welding fixture belongs to the tooling (welding fixture can only be used in some kind Welding assembly), welding clamp is the equipment (welding clamp as long as the fit, it can be used).

Fixtures are a kind of tooling, not just welding, but also useful in machining. Many times, PTFE Molding Process Equipment it is necessary to assemble several parts and ensure that they are positioned accurately.

Design fixture to keep the product, because the fixture is specifically designed for certain products, to ensure that the production of non-interference phenomenon, positioning accuracy, easy operation and so on.

Forming process equipment more efficient operation, no doubt on the molding equipment maintenance will put forward higher requirements, so this article on how to do a good job of forming process equipment maintenance and maintenance from several aspects to talk about their own experience, PTFE Molding Process Equipment for everyone common Discussion on the lubrication of the molding process equipment; 2.The influence of the compressed air quality on the operation of the equipment; 3. The adjustment of the equipment body; 4. The inspection of the hidden danger of the equipment; 5. The maintenance of the equipment; Standardized standardization of operations, and resolutely put an end to barbaric operation.

The process equipment is much higher than the rate at which the blowing agent diffuses into the cell; the high nucleating agent rate requires that the blowing agent be dissolved in the polymer melt under high pressure in a single phase solution The existence of these processes to meet the requirements of the necessary equipment to carry out the necessary transformation. Based on this, this paper discusses the transformation of micro-foam injection molding process equipment, mainly around the screw restructuring, nozzle restructuring, PTFE Molding Process Equipment the establishment of a always stable screw back pressure, improve the injection rate and heating part of the restructuring and other content to start.

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