Preservative Tank Of Security Matters
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Preservative Tank Of Security Matters

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1. storage of flammable gases, flammable liquid storage tanks should be equipped with the necessary firefighting equipment, smoking is strictly prohibited in the tank, fire lighting, heating, and fire it into the tank.

2, the storage of flammable and explosive, toxic, corrosive mediums, such as storage tanks, dangerous goods management regulations should be strictly implemented.

3, tank inspection and repair prior to cutting off electrical power associated with the tank, must apply for equipment transfer procedures.

4, internal media storage tanks after the exhaust should be closed in and out valves or add blind partitions attached piping and equipment, and with clear cut off signs.

5, for containing flammable, corrosive, toxic, or asphyxiating medium tank, be subject to displacement, neutralization, disinfection, cleaning, processing, and analysis after processing, the results shall meet the provisions of the relevant norms, standards. Air replacement for flammable medium is strictly prohibited.

6, the tank must be made within the tank permit to work. Interrupted continued operations for a long time, it should go through the tank operation card.

7, operating inside into the tank for 30 minutes before sample analysis, the oxygen content in the 18-23% (v).

8, entered the tank cleanup of toxic, corrosive residues, to wear personal protective equipment.

9, need to use scaffolding and lifts must be solid and reliable, is strictly prohibited in the job casting materials both inside and outside, to ensure safe operation.

10, tank explosion-proof lamp lighting voltage should be used no more than 24.

11, cans of domestic demand when hot, must apply for permit.

12, operating within the tank must be guardians, and have reliable contact measures.

13, upon the completion of maintenance and custodial staff to check the tank both inside and outside, is confirmed, guardian jobs inside the tanks after the signature on the card, before closing each hole.

14, after the pressure test when water must be connected air in case of vacuum.

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