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tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger

  • Fluoropolymer Reactor Coil (PFA)Ultra-pure Heat Exchanger

    Contact NowFluoropolymer Reactor Coil (PFA)Ultra-pure Heat ExchangerUltra-pure heat exchanger Ultra pure heat exchanger product description: 1. The shell and tube heat exchanger, reaction kettle built-in pipe and tube snake immersive three types of heat exchanger, the three types of heat exchanger tube side is mainly composed of PFA bundle and TFM his; 2. The...Read More

  • Ultrahigh-Purity Teflon Heat Transfer Tube Series

    Contact NowUltrahigh-Purity Teflon Heat Transfer Tube SeriesTeflon heat transfer tube series Product appearance: the surface is smooth, uniform size, colour and lustre is light, no cracking and hair. Product features: high chemical stability, strong acid, strong alkali, oxidant, oxide and aqua regia solution for medium and long-term use safe; And the...Read More

  • Flexible Fluorine Plastic Heat Exchanger

    Contact NowFlexible Fluorine Plastic Heat ExchangerFluorine plastic heat exchanger Fluorine plastic heat exchanger, heat exchanger tube side is mainly composed of PFA or PTFE tube bundle and TFM faceplate. Product performance and specifications 1) excellent corrosion resistance, almost can be used in most of the chemicals, medicines, and...Read More

  • Two-way Anti-corrosion Type of Plastic PTFE Heat Exchanger

    Contact NowTwo-way Anti-corrosion Type of Plastic PTFE Heat ExchangerTwo - way anti - corrosion type of PTFE heat exchanger Two-way anticorrosion four fluorine tube side and shell side of heat exchanger can be used in corrosive material, can heat transfer for the two kinds of corrosive materials, can be used for liquid liquid exchange or liquid gas exchange,...Read More

  • Flue Gas Fluoropolymer PTFE Teflon Heat Exchanger

    Contact NowFlue Gas Fluoropolymer PTFE Teflon Heat ExchangerTeflon heat exchanger The factory production of heat exchanger is divided into the column tube and coil type two kinds: columns, teflon tube type heat exchanger Shell and tube heat exchanger is the most widely used in chemical production of heat transfer equipment, compared with other heat...Read More

  • Immersion Graphite Heat Exchanger

    Contact NowImmersion Graphite Heat ExchangerGraphite heat exchanger Structure and features: All equipment graphite of the phenolic resin impregnated and it has a liquid distributor, the overflow pipe and absorb the basic heat transfer piece, gas-liquid separator, metal shell, etc. Between the graphite using ptfe seal o-rings, has high...Read More