Anticorrosion Steel Tank Lined Teflon
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Anticorrosion Steel Tank Lined Teflon

Anticorrosion Equipment Steel Tank Lined Teflon...


Equipment   Technology Requirement  before Lining   PTFE

from RANA

Weld bulge height  1mm

The surface of the weld is smooth   and flat, without sharp angles

When the wall thickness of the steel   body is not equal, the lining is guaranteed to be flush when welding.

Welds shall not have porosity,   undercuts, cracks and any other form of surface holes and defects such as   incomplete penetration.

All corners should be in a circular   arc with a radius of arc R3mm

The parts connected to the equipment   shall be designed as flanged joints and shall be flat welded flanges

Internal parts (flower plates,   support rings, etc.) should be designed as lining structures

All welds must be continuously   welded and no intermittent or spot welds are allowed

The equipment should be designed   with lifting equipment in mind, and the external parts of the equipment   should not be used as lifting equipment.

Atmospheric pressure vessel housing   according to         standard

Pressure vessel

The slag, spatter and the like of   the lining should be thoroughly understood.

Machining, welding, etc. on the   equipment must be completed before the lining.

Installation of GB8923 standard   sandblasting, sandblasting needs to reach St2 level

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