Carbon Steel Lined Tank For HNO3 Nitric Acid
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Carbon Steel Lined Tank For HNO3 Nitric Acid

Steel Lining Large Equipment (Roller Coating) The roll coating process is widely used at home and abroad at present. It is not limited by the shape and complex structure of the equipment itself. It can be once formed without seams and marks. The selected materials can be determined according to......


Tight lining PTFE is compare to loose lining process which was the mainly applied in doumestic, the so-called loose lining is that the liner four-fluorine plate is completely separated from the steel plate, is two relatively independent parts, when the four-fluorine plate is subjected to liquid pressure in the tank, and the four-fluorine plate is stretched and then is abutted against the steel plate, so that the liquid pressure is borne by the steel body. the loose lining is required to be segmented and connected with a flange when the large-scale equipment is used, so that the equipment could increase a lot of flanges to generate a plurality of sealing surfaces, the flatness of the flange can be greatly reduced due to the large equipment, The bolts of the coupling flange will be stressed differently, resulting in loose bolts and leakage, so that the gasket must be replaced and re-coupled. Over time, the cycle of the replacement of the gasket will become shorter and shorter, which will cause serious damage of large tanks. secondly, with the change of the liquid level in the tank, the four-fluorine plate continuously bulges and is close to the tank body, the four-fluorine plate may  be broken when the plate and the welding line are continuously compressed and stretched, and resulting in a serious leakage accident when the corrosion liquid contact with the steel housing. thirdly, due to the loose lining, a large distance is formed between the four-fluorine plate and the steel housing, so the defect of the four-fluorine plate can not be detected by the electric spark detection,pinhole leakage may throgh the four-fluorine plate to corrupt the steel housing, the lining can be affected conversely, the pinhole could be enlarged, and lead a serious leakage accident. In general, the loose lining process has its inherent process defects, which will result in serious consequences for large lining equipment and even major accidents. Therefore, in the early 1980s, the foreign countries adopted a tight-lining process instead of the loose lining, and the large-scale four-fluorine equipment entered a time of stable, reliable and long-term safe. The following focuses on the tight lining process and its characteristics of the large-scale storage tank developed by our company after learning the foreign tight lining technology.

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