Carbon Steel Lined Tank For NaOH Sodium Hydroxide
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Carbon Steel Lined Tank For NaOH Sodium Hydroxide

Steel Lining Large Equipment (Roller Coating) The roll coating process is widely used at home and abroad at present. It is not limited by the shape and complex structure of the equipment itself. It can be once formed without seams and marks. The selected materials can be determined according to......


brief introduction of tight lining process

1.Tight lining using teflon panels which has been activating treatment or covered with fiberglass cloth, then sandblasting the equipment to Sa2 level, and cleaned with detergent, then paste teflon panels inside the equipment. When bonding, press and tighten, fully ensure the panel and housing tightly lining with any air, and the bonding strength should reach ≥ 5 N / mm when the binder is stabilized, so as to ensure that the lining reliabilityy and does not deform when the temperature and pressure change.

2. Because of the difference in the shape and size of the equipment, the lining plate and the connetcion, the gap between the two pieces are welded to make it a whole, and the strength of the welding should be more than 90% of the strength of the plate itself. Therefore, the reliability of the lining layer is guaranteed even if the welding seam is compressed and stretched without leakage.

3. After welding, the equipment needs to be heated to soften the adhesive so as to make it more uniform, to eliminate the stress of the tetrafluorine plate and bonding of the tetrafluorine plate and the shell of the equipment better. Then the vacuum equipment is used to draw out the remaining air between the tetrafluorine plate and ensure the shell to meet the vacuum requirement so as not to cause the tetrafluorine plate to fall off from the shell because of the increase of temperature and the air expansion.

4. After vacuum pumping and stress eliminating, the welding seam and sheet metal are fully tested by electric spark and resistance. Taking rewelding If there are leakage points and plate defects, testing without defects are qualified. In a word, the tight lining process makes the inner lining tetrafluorine plate and steel shell form a firm integration, and the lining layer will not be damaged by the change of temperature and liquid level pressure, thus ensuring the whole lining equipment more reliable, stable and long-term safe, the service life of general storage tank at least 20 years. To sum up, it is inevitable for large storage tanks to replace loose lining with tight lining, which is the progress of science and technology, and also opens up a new era for the application of large-scale lining tetrafluorine storage tanks. Our company has been committed to the research of anticorrosion technology, and at the invest a lot to  import large equipment board lining technology from Japan, base on the original technology and improveit , our  board lining technology rank to the international level.

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