ECTFE Sheet Lined Tank
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ECTFE Sheet Lined Tank

RANA was the leading manufacturer of anticorrosion equipment. With more than 25 years work experince, we will offer you a better solution for Fluoropolymer lined tanks and vessels....


There are many ways to clean steel-lined PTFE tanks, RANA remind you follow the appropriate precautions regardless of the method.

1. Steel-lined PTFE storage tanks for storing different media are also different in cleaning method. Therefore, before cleaning, we must make detailed cleaning plans, which can be formulated according to categories and varieties.

2. When any abnormalities are found during cleaning, the cleaning should be stopped immediately.

3. Separate measures for pipelines and electrical connections before cleaning. Eliminate potential safety risks.

4. When cleaning, the staff must wear appropriate protective equipment to protect the safety of personnel.

5. When cleaning some dangerous steel-lined PTFE storage tanks, all the parts must be inspected before they can be cleaned.

6. When cleaning, be sure to repeatedly fill the tank with water, and drain the remaining material in the tank as much as possible before cleaning.

Regularly follow the precautions for steel-lined PTFE storage tanks to ensure the safety of the staff.

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