ETFE Sheet Lined Tank
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ETFE Sheet Lined Tank

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In order to ensure the correct installation of steel-lined PTFE storage tanks and high efficiency in chemical production, we need to pay attention to the following four points in prefabricating the equipment:

1. Steel lining PTFE storage tanks should be laid out according to the equipment layout before placing and pre-cutting;

2. The welding shrinkage and machining allowance should be reserved according to the process requirements;

3. The steel used in the storage tank can be cut by flame cutting and mechanical pipe cutting;

4. The edge of the steel processing surface should be smooth and smooth, no slag, delamination, cracks and other defects;

5. When the surface is hardened by the flame cutting groove, the surface hardened layer should be removed.

In addition, before the prefabrication of the steel-lined PTFE storage tank, the linear flatness of the steel plate shall be checked by using a linear model. The flatness space of the steel plate shall not exceed 4 mm.

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