Steel Lined Tank For HCN Dydrochloric Acid (Prussic Acid)
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Steel Lined Tank For HCN Dydrochloric Acid (Prussic Acid)

Steel Lining Large Equipment (Roller Coating) The roll coating process is widely used at home and abroad at present. It is not limited by the shape and complex structure of the equipment itself. It can be once formed without seams and marks. The selected materials can be determined according to......


ETFE (F40) fluoroplastics is made by DuPont and Asahi Glass. This material is mainly used in corrosion resistant lining, and it has the corrosion resistance property of polytetrafluoroethylene (F4)- teflon. It also has the strong adhesion characteristic of metal, which overcomes the defect of non-adhesion of F 4 to metal. Its average linear expansion coefficient is 1.49X10/100, which is close to the linear expansion coefficient of carbon steel, simultaneous expansion and contraction of carbon Steel can be realized, making it to be the ideal material of metal composites. The optimized composite technology is applied to the anticorrosive equipment, and the excellent negative pressure resistance characteristic of the corrosion resistant equipment is shown at the same time. ETFE (F40) fluoroplastics and metal composite technology is the direct research and application of ETFE (F40) by DuPont Corporation. This technology is a new technology of rotary sintering molding. The process implementation of the equipment is also advanced automatic control of the process equipment. The application of this technology in China is still in the initial stage. If it is popularized and applied further, various new, anticorrosive and high performance chemical equipments will come out.

Thermal performance:

  • Melting point: 265 ~ 280; 275 After heating for five hours, the weight loss is 0.4 to 0.8%

  • Decomposition temperature:> 300

  • Working temperature range: -60 ~ 150


Physical properties:

  • Tensile strength: at 180 is 100kg / cm

  • Flammability: self-extinguishing

Chemical properties:

  • Anti-corrosion to all kinds of acid, alkali, salt medium, not for solvent dissolution.


Swelling Acid resistance:

  • Molten metal lithium, potassium, sodium, high temperature chlorine chloride, high flow rate of liquid chlorine.

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