PTFE Heat Exchanger Has A Good Corrosion Resistance
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PTFE Heat Exchanger Has A Good Corrosion Resistance

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PTFE heat exchanger is divided into tube-type and shell-and-tube; tube bundle is the PTFE heat exchanger installed directly in the heat exchanger solution to the container, to achieve heat exchange. Tube-type tetrafluoro heat exchanger has a plate (placed on the side of the groove) W-shaped, U-shaped, L-shaped (placed at the bottom of the groove), a zigzag or garden Shape, oval shape and other special shape, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger can also be formed according to customer requirements

PTFE heat exchanger is to achieve chemical production process of heat exchange and transmission of indispensable equipment. In the heat exchange often have some corrosive, highly oxidized materials, therefore, require the manufacture of PTFE heat exchanger material with strong corrosion resistance. It can be made of graphite, ceramic, glass and other non-metallic materials and stainless steel, titanium, tantalum, zirconium and other metal materials. But with graphite, ceramics, glass and other materials made of fragile, large volume, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger thermal difference and other shortcomings, with titanium, tantalum, zirconium and other rare metals made of PTFE heat exchanger price is too expensive, stainless steel is difficult to tolerate many strong corrosion Medium, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger and produce intergranular corrosion of the medium.

Features of tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger:

Has a good corrosion resistance

Because polytetrafluoroethylene is a chemical inert material, in addition to high temperature elements such as fluorine, molten alkali metal, chlorine trifluoride, uranium hexafluoride, perfluoro kerosene, almost all the media work.

Good anti-fouling

Due to the inertia of PTFE tube, the surface smoothness, winding and high coefficient of expansion, so that the heat transfer surface is difficult to scale, greatly reducing the number of equipment maintenance, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger to ensure a relatively stable heat transfer coefficient and production of long-term run.

Long life combined with low cost

Since polytetrafluoroethylene does not contain a photosensitive gene, it has excellent resistance to atmospheric aging. In the strong corrosive medium in the life of stainless steel is 20 to 30 times, plus exemption from the maintenance, the accident caused by the loss of production, the overall cost is definitely lower than other PTFE heat exchanger.

Good heat transfer performance

As the tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger is a thin-walled tube, wall thickness of only 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1mm, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger so to overcome the shortcomings of PTFE thermal conductivity, so that the total heat transfer coefficient of up to 150-300 (W / m² K).

Small size and light weight

PTFE heat exchanger with thin-walled thin tube, and thus made of tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger unit volume of heat transfer area is particularly large, up to 600m ² / m³ (Φ25 * 3 steel production only 130m ² / m³). Coupled with the weight of the plastic is very light, so in the transport, installation, maintenance is very convenient.

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