PTFE Heat Exchanger Is Very Convenient To Repair
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PTFE Heat Exchanger Is Very Convenient To Repair

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The PTFE heat exchanger has the advantages of excellent corrosion resistance, excellent surface fastness, fast temperature range and long anti-aging life. It is an ideal equipment for solving the heat transfer of strong corrosion and strong oxidizing medium.

In the process of chemical production, heat exchange and transmission is done through heat exchanger, in the heat exchange often has some strong corrosive strong oxidizing materials, therefore, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger it is necessary to use a corrosion-resistant data to produce heat exchangers, PTFE heat Exchanger Excellent treatment of this question.

Below, we briefly analyze the features of the PTFE heat exchanger in the anti-corrosion equipment.

PTFE is a chemical lazy data, in addition to the high-temperature elements of fluorine, triclosan, such as a small amount of chemical substances, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger can be in all the media work, its spray after the PTFE heat exchanger has a very good anti-corrosion function, its functional characteristics are as follows:

1, because of the chemical laziness of PTFE tube, smooth appearance, winding and high expansion coefficient, so that its heat transfer surface is very difficult to scale, greatly reducing the number of equipment repair, to ensure a relatively stable heat transfer coefficient and production of long time operation.

2, PTFE heat exchanger Teflon does not contain photosensitive genes, so it has excellent resistance to atmospheric aging. In the strong corrosive medium its service life is 20 to 30 times times of stainless steel, plus eliminates the repair, the loss which the trouble stoppage forms, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger its induction cost certainly is lower than other heat exchanger.

3, PTFE heat exchanger heat transfer function is good, because the heat exchanger is selected thin-walled tube, so the PTFE data to overcome the low thermal conductivity of the defect, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger so that its total heat transfer coefficient can reach $number (w/㎡k). The heat transfer technique is used to improve the pressure resistance and the total heat transfer coefficient is improved.

4, PTFE heat exchanger small size, light weight, compact layout, unit volume of heat transfer area is exceptionally large, in transport, installation, repair is very convenient.

Four fluorine heat exchanger type is more, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger the performance each has the characteristic, according to the different principle may make the different classification, basically may divide into the following kinds:

(1) Shell-type: Is the most widely used field, the largest use of a category, the current single largest area of 80 square meters.

(2) Intrusive: There are two types, one kind is U-type intrusive, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger the other is the coil-tube intrusive type. Due to the use of material F4 chemical performance is stable, even if boiling in the water can dissolve in gold will not react, so products can be used in strong acid, alkali oxidation agent and other fluid materials heat transfer process, for example, used for caustic solution, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid mixture, 20% fuming sulfuric acid, condensation. Due to the F4 surface of the free can be very low, only 8x10-6n/cm2, plus its expansion coefficient is larger than the general dirt, the pipe is disturbed, easy to vibrate, which greatly reduces the chance of scaling up blockage. The tube bundle adopts thin-walled tube, and the heat transfer area of the unit volume is several times higher than that of the ordinary tube, which makes up the disadvantage of F4 used as heat transfer material for its low thermal conductivity. In general, the total heat transfer coefficient of the equipment $number. 34~290.75w/m2. k, at the same time, due to the use of small-caliber heat pipe, equipment in the temperature range, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger the tube shell can withstand the medium of a certain pressure, the use of temperature range: -50℃~150℃. Use pressure range: Tube permissible pressure 0.5MPa, shell process permissible pressure 0.3 MPa.

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