Spray Equipment Used In The Process To Be Maintained
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Spray Equipment Used In The Process To Be Maintained

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Spraying equipment is the product of the increasingly popular environment in the development of industrial technology after the reform and opening up. With the increasing degree of automation, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment spraying the application of the production line is also more widely, and deep into the national economy in many areas. Spraying equipment on the market in accordance with the degree of automation can be divided into: manual spraying equipment, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment semi-automatic spraying equipment and automatic spraying equipment three.

The service life of any mechanical equipment is limited, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment and the same is true for spraying equipment. Then in the daily use of the process should be how to do cleaning and maintenance, so that the equipment operation easier, work better.

1. Cleaning and maintenance

1.1 Clean the powder supply system once a week to ensure smooth operation.

1.2 for powder should be turned off control power, spray gun, injector, for the powder system, hose, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment for the barrel to clean up.

1.3 regular inspection of the electrostatic spray cleaning parts, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment found that wear is in the exchange.

2. Clean the powder supply system

2.1 Turn off the generator control unit.

2.2 Disconnect the powder injector from the drum.

2.3 Disconnect the powder tube, concentration tube and powder line from the powder injector.

2.4 The compressed air blown out with the injector blows out the powder injector, the powder hose and the gun.

2.5 Open the supply barrel, thoroughly clean the supply barrel, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment suction tube (with compressed air).

3. Precautions

3.1 Before using the equipment, carefully check for parts that are slightly worn, watch the active parts for malfunction, and replace them to ensure proper operation.

3.2 equipment shall not be exposed to rain or humid environment, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment to be good light, away from flammable gases, liquids.

3.3 The user must periodically check the spraying equipment (at least annually) to ensure explosion protection.

3.4 Spray guns may not be used for other purposes (such as lifting a gun, or preventing heat, oil immersion, weapon damage).

3.5 spray chamber air / powder temperature degree shall not exceed 10g / cubic meter, or 50% of the minimum explosion limit.

3.6 Fire protection equipment should be on site.

3.7 When the components are blown, turn off the power.

3.8 Spraying places are not allowed to smoke.

3.9 The coating must be grounded.

3.10 prohibit the entry of fire

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