Spraying Equipment Enhances Coating Adhesion
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Spraying Equipment Enhances Coating Adhesion

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Spraying equipment has the following characteristics:

1. Satisfactory construction efficiency, spraying efficiency above 300m2/h, saving manpower and working hours greatly.

2. Save the paint, especially for the high viscosity anti-corrosion coating, air spraying because the air in the workpiece surface rebound when the coating, paint utilization decreased. And no gas spraying, not only to obtain uniform coating, rebound is also smaller than the air spray, the effective use of paint, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment relative air spraying can save paint $number.

3. Improve adhesion, prolong coating life; high pressure airless spraying using high-pressure spray atomization, paint particles to obtain a strong kinetic energy, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment paint particles by this kinetic energy injection into the workpiece voids, so that the coating more dense, and workpiece mechanical bite force enhancement, adhesion increased, effectively extend the coating life.

Spraying equipment uses high-pressure plunger pump to pressurize the paint, obtain high-pressure coating through high-pressure hose to the spray gun, through the nozzle release pressure to form atomization, thus forming a dense coating on the wall surface. PTFE Spraying Process Equipment The use of this process for spraying, for the construction environment has a great advantage, because this equipment he has a great advantage Oh!

1. Excellent surface quality. Spraying coating flat, guanghua, dense, no brush marks, rolling marks, and particles.

2. Very high coating efficiency. Spraying efficiency up to 500-1200 square meters per hour, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment is the traditional roller construction of more than 10 times times.

3. Easy to conquer corners, gaps and uneven brush parts.

4. Prolong the service life of the coating. High-pressure airless spraying function so that the coating particles in-depth wall gap, so that the paint film also formed a mechanical occlusal wall, enhance the adhesion of coatings, prolong the service life.

5. Save Paint. Brush coating thickness is very uneven, generally in 30-250 microns, paint utilization is low, and airless spraying is easy to get a thickness of 30 micron coating, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment relatively saving paint $number.

In a word, spraying equipment only through the correct use method, can make the construction effect is better, construction personnel for the characteristics of this equipment to understand clearly, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment so as to better operate Oh!

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