Spraying Equipment Is The Best Choice For Large-scale Spraying Production
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Spraying Equipment Is The Best Choice For Large-scale Spraying Production

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Spraying equipment is also called coating equipment. Specific tools for the protection of metal and non-metallic surfaces covering the protective or decorative layer. Spraying equipment can be combined with air, mixed gas spraying application, and the respective advantages of a new spraying method. Between the grounding workpiece and the spray gun plus the DC high pressure, will produce an electrostatic field, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment with negative paint particles sprayed into the workpiece, after the collision evenly deposited on the workpiece surface, those scattered in the vicinity of the paint micro-material is still in the role of electrostatic field, it will be around the workpiece four weeks, This is sprayed on all surfaces of the workpiece. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for spraying fences, pipelines, small steel structure, steel pipe products, metal, spectacle frames, jewelry and other geometric shapes of complex, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment small surface area of the workpiece, can be easily and quickly spraying paint to the workpiece in every place, can reduce coating spray, save paint. The coating transfer efficiency is as high as 60-85% and its atomization is very good, the coating thickness is even, which is beneficial to the improvement of product quality. In wood furniture, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment electrostatic spray gun can also achieve a good electrostatic encircling effect, especially for chairs, coffee table, car wood products and other artifacts.

Spraying equipment has the advantages of uniform thickness coating, lower scrap rate, saving paint and increasing productivity. Also because of the above advantages, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment has become a continuous, large-scale spraying production of the best choice.

Due to the development of computer technology, spraying equipment such as painting machine and painting robot has been applied to automatic coating production line more and more now. PTFE Spraying Process Equipment Especially when it is necessary to improve the productivity to obtain high quality coating, this advantage performance is more obvious when using the same kind of coating for large batch spraying of workpiece shape similar products.

Spraying equipment features One: adaptable, high efficiency. Because the device has the ability to save the workpiece spraying shape, so in a fully automatic spraying production line with the changes in the workpiece, call different spray shape graphics to meet the actual needs of production, because the human device design compact structure, Hugh product small, suitable for use in the smaller spray room, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment can also be used in line with production lines, And a device can be installed on a number of sprinklers, so the spraying area is large, high efficiency.

Characteristics of spraying equipment two: the adaptability of the coating and high utilization rate. Because the equipment can be used in ultra-high speed rotary cup atomizing nozzle and other equipment, good atomization effect, so the utilization of paint can reach more than 85%. It can not only save paint and energy, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment but also reduce the pollution to the environment. And this equipment can be sprayed with different kinds of paint. The use of ultra-high-speed centrifugal atomization nozzle is very easy to the high viscosity coating and two-component coating atomization, the replacement of special spray nozzle can also be sprayed with water-based coatings, and spray-formed film brightness greatly improved.

Spraying equipment characteristics of three: easy to operate, high safety, easy to clean. Due to the use of microcomputer programming system, equipment spraying process, atomization nozzle operation, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment spraying volume parameters can be set in the operating interface, and the operation of the interface is simple classification, so that people at a glance. Equipment important lines are in the chassis, spraying device design is completely in line with ergonomics, so absolutely safe. In addition, the cleaning equipment is very simple, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment if it is used every day, at the end of the day to clean up the table, the nozzle with the water to wipe the sky. But if you put on a long vacation, it is very simple to clean out all the glue in the jar and hose. PTFE Spraying Process Equipment If it is an automated device, it will be accompanied by a specialized cleaning equipment tutorial.

In a word, spraying equipment has the advantages of uniform coating of thickness, lower scrap rate, less paint and higher productivity. Also because of the above advantages, has become a continuous, large-scale spraying production of the best choice.

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