Spraying Equipment Meets Environmental Protection Technical Requirements
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Spraying Equipment Meets Environmental Protection Technical Requirements

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Spraying equipment to solve the existing construction personnel control spraying machine spraying there is a large labor intensity, low efficiency, many people, coating quality is unstable, uniformity, waste paint and so on. The automatic spraying equipment comprises a motor vehicle capable of driving on the ground and an automatic transverse spraying device mounted on the tail of a motor vehicle, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment and a control system for transverse spraying of the longitudinal uniform movement of the motor vehicle and a control automatic transverse-moving spraying device is arranged on the motor vehicle. The automatic spraying equipment can automatically carry out large-area spraying according to the set parameters, reduce the number of labor and spraying efficiency, and the quality of spraying is stable and uniformity is good.

Spraying equipment is the powder form coating, coating process does not need any water-based solvents, coating performance, corrosion-resistant, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment more in line with environmental protection technology requirements. Simple production process, short production cycle, low energy consumption, powder utilization rate of up to 90%, has been widely used in many industries.

Spraying equipment including: spray molding machine, dusting room, oven, assembly line and so on.

The injection molding machine has a large powder quantity and high powder rate. High efficiency, no card powder.

Dusting room focus on recycling effect, reduce costs for you.

Spraying equipment How to recover the best results

First, the filter powder recovery device is the powder air flow through a certain microporous filter material, to achieve gas and solid separation, but the disadvantage is that the microporous filter material is easy to plug, resulting in a reduction of the recovery airflow, the recovery effect. PTFE Spraying Process Equipment To overcome this shortcoming, a pulse back-blown filtering device is used to periodically clean up the particles adsorbed in the microporous filter material, so that the airflow remains unblocked to maintain a constant recovery effect, and according to the size of the powder particle, the powder recovery rate of the filter material can generally reach 98%. PTFE Spraying Process Equipment In the powder electrostatic spraying process, most of the use of pulse-back-blown filter, but because of changing the color requirements, the spray chamber and the recovery system to clean up, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment resulting in a large number of waste powder overflow, resulting in pollution.

Two, cyclone separation recovery device is to make the powder flow rotation movement, under the action of centrifugal force, to achieve the separation of powder coating and air flow. According to the different structure of cyclone separator, the powder recovery rate can reach $number, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment in order to meet the environmental requirements, separate the finer powder particles, and ensure the clean discharge airflow, the electrostatic spraying equipment needs to increase the two-level filtration device to meet the requirement in the discharge end of cyclone separator.

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