Spraying Equipment Spray Quality And Stability
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Spraying Equipment Spray Quality And Stability

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Electrostatic spraying allows the powder to be uniformly fitted to the surface of the workpiece, and because of the repulsive force between the negatively charged particles. This repulsion helps to disperse the role of particles, the workpiece surface adsorption of powder particles to a certain thickness, no longer thickening. PTFE Spraying Process Equipment Thus ensuring that when the workpiece after curing, the surface of the coating evenly.

With the continuous improvement of the technical level, the new type of spraying equipment - high pressure airless sprayer series of products has become more and more advanced, and spraying equipment can also be called painting equipment, the product is the greatest role in the metal surface coated with a Layer protective film, its surface protection or decoration. At present, Weifang billion gold Painting Equipment Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of coating equipment on the very good completion of the entire coating process the perfect combination!

Spraying equipment to solve the existing construction personnel to control the spraying machine for spraying the existence of labor intensity, low efficiency, the number of people, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment the quality of the coating is not stable, poor uniformity, waste of paint and other issues. Spraying equipment

Which comprises a motor vehicle capable of traveling on the ground and an automatic traverse spraying device suspended at the rear of the motor vehicle. The vehicle is provided with a control system for controlling the longitudinal movement of the vehicle and controlling the lateral spraying of the automatic traverse spraying device. The spraying equipment can automatically set according to the parameters of a large area of spraying, reducing the number of workers, spraying the high efficiency; spray quality and stability of good uniformity.

Spray equipment regularly check the function and protection, behind or screen out the aging equipment, has been out of the warranty, the cost of repair or the local manufacturers can not repair the production of a tasteless, maintenance time and cost all the benefits, need to be replaced, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment The workpiece has some difficulty blasting the impact of additional high performance spray equipment. The time required under the agreed conditions, by spraying the high efficiency, high paint spraying equipment efficiency, reduce defects, reduce rework and can make progress in the work of power.

Here to introduce you to improve the production efficiency of spraying equipment:

1. Spinning equipment, regular inspection and maintenance is indispensable, for some performance behind the aging and aging equipment to be eliminated, if the equipment is too old to be replaced, so the construction is also more convenient, in the case of conditions permitting, with spray efficiency High, high utilization of paint spraying equipment to reduce the emergence of defective products, reduce rework, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment can improve the overall efficiency.

2. Spraying equipment recycling system should do a good job, to reduce the rebound of the powder on the workshop serious pollution, which also to some extent, may reduce the waste of the powder. From a long-term perspective, increasing the powder recovery system is greater than the shelter. The use of poor performance of the original recycling system, long-term use can not get the recycling system should be the role, it is best to replace.

3. Experts said that for the heating system behind, or automatic control capacity is flawed, the heating method of energy consumption, low utilization rate, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment the cost is too high, the original size of the curing furnace is not appropriate, can not adapt to changing the workpiece and so on, Should improve the curing equipment, improve production efficiency, must not let the curing equipment drag the spraying equipment production efficiency of the hind legs.

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