Spraying Equipment Spraying High Efficiency
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Spraying Equipment Spraying High Efficiency

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Spraying equipment is the product of the increasingly popular environment in the development of industrial technology after the reform and opening up. With the increasing degree of automation, spraying the application of the production line is also more widely, and deep into the national economy in many areas. PTFE Spraying Process Equipment Spraying equipment on the market in accordance with the degree of automation can be divided into: manual spraying equipment, semi-automatic spraying equipment and automatic spraying equipment three.

Spraying equipment, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment also known as painting equipment. Specific definition of metal and non-metallic surface covered with protective layer or decorative layer of special tools.

Application of Spraying Equipment in Tropical Motor

The surface of the motor painting equipment has always been the process of "tropical electrical products painted" method (ie, two epoxy iron red primer plus two amino alcohol baking paint), the first iron red primer is not baked , Because after painting but also for mechanical processing, and the second primer with the second primer is separated by a long time, there is enough time to dry. So the first primer is not baked, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment the second primer is in the installation after the completion of the test, the second primer and the latter two amino baking paint are baked, used to follow this process, did not appear what is the problem. It is necessary to spray a large area of waterproof coating on the surface of the bridge in the construction of a large number of national railway network and road network in the first stage of the bridge, which is one of the important factors to maintain the durability of the bridge on the bridge surface waterproofing. In the prior art, the spraying machine is controlled by the construction personnel to control the spraying machine, and the spraying machine is placed on the vehicle, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment and the sprayer is operated by the person in the vehicle to control the spraying machine. This method of spraying mainly has the following shortcomings: First, the construction workers of labor intensity, low efficiency, the number of people, can not meet the requirements of a large area of construction operations; Second, the coating quality is not stable, poor uniformity, waste of paint; Low quality, spray quality is entirely controlled by the manual experience. An automatic spraying equipment, which solves the problems of the existing laboratories controlling the spraying machine to spray, such as labor intensity, low efficiency, large number of samples, unstable coating quality, poor uniformity, waste of paint and so on. The automated spraying apparatus includes a motor vehicle capable of traveling on the ground and an automatic traverse spraying apparatus suspended at the rear of the motor vehicle. The vehicle is provided with a control for controlling the longitudinal movement of the vehicle and controlling the vertical spraying of the automatic traverse spraying apparatus system. The automatic spraying equipment can automatically carry out large-scale spraying according to the set parameters, reduce the number of workers, high spraying efficiency; spray quality and stability of good uniformity.

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