Spraying Equipment Spraying High Efficiency
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Spraying Equipment Spraying High Efficiency

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Spraying equipment to solve the existing construction personnel to control the spraying machine for spraying the existence of labor intensity, low efficiency, the number of people, the quality of the coating is not stable, poor uniformity, waste coating and other issues.

A spraying apparatus comprising a motor vehicle capable of traveling on the ground and an automatic traverse spraying apparatus suspended at the rear of the motor vehicle, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment wherein the vehicle is provided with a control system for controlling the longitudinal movement of the vehicle and controlling the lateral spraying of the automatic traverse spraying apparatus.

Spraying equipment can automatically set according to the parameters of a large area of spraying, reducing the number of workers, spraying the high efficiency; PTFE Spraying Process Equipment spray quality and stability uniformity.

Here to tell you about how safe operation Spray equipment:

When using the spray equipment, care should be taken not to place the gun at any part of the body and to prevent any part of the body from contacting the fluid. The body should not be in contact with the flow caused by the pipeline leakage, gloves can not effectively prevent the spray wound. When spraying, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment the nozzle protector must be installed in place. The nozzle protection device provides some protection against jet damage, but it is basically a warning device. Be sure to remove the nozzle before rinsing or cleaning the system. The use of spray equipment before the inspection of paint pipe, paint pipe wear and tear, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment and the brutal use of paint on the brutal use will lead to it leak, paint leaks may paint into the skin. If there is no trigger insurance or trigger insurance is not open and can not run the gun is absolutely can not be used.

The role of spraying equipment:

1. Spraying equipment can be used in transportation, such as highway fence, bridge, train and railway facilities in a variety of spray waterproof material.

2. Spraying equipment can be used in the energy industry, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment such as hydraulic equipment, water tanks, oil refining equipment, and power transmission equipment in the spraying effect;

3. Spraying equipment can be used in large industrial enterprises, such as papermaking equipment, medical equipment, food equipment, cement plant equipment in the spraying operations.

Safe use of spray equipment:

Equipment operators must be proficient in a variety of mechanical structure, performance and operation, maintenance methods, so that the use of personal, responsible for the person.

Operation of the machine, should wear a uniform, tight cuffs, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment lesbians must wear a work cap, braids into the hat; not allowed to wear gloves, scarves and other operations.

Before starting the machine, the test must be carried out and the parts can be operated normally. The shafts, chains, pulleys, belts and other running parts of the equipment should be equipped with protective cover and protective plate.

Mechanical operation, if there are abnormal conditions or other failures, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment should immediately cut off the power, parking maintenance; equipment around the flammable, should be strictly prohibited fireworks; commissioning maintenance equipment, you must cut off the total power.

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