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Spraying Equipment Types Are More

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Spraying equipment, also known as painting equipment. Specific definition of metal and non-metallic surface covered with protective layer or decorative layer of special tools. Electrostatic spraying equipment can be combined with air and blast spray applications, and their respective advantages into a new spray method. In the ground between the workpiece and the gun with a DC high voltage, it will produce an electrostatic field, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment with the negative particles of paint sprayed to the workpiece, through the collision evenly deposited on the surface of the workpiece, those scattered around the workpiece in the coating material is still In the range of the electrostatic field, it will wrap around the workpiece, so that it is sprayed onto all the surfaces of the workpiece.

Spraying equipment classification, features and primary types:

Air spraying equipment:

Air spray is a compressed gas as the atomization of the spray method, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment which is the most simple way to spray, has been hundreds of years ago, the most widely used.

Advantages: low cost, simple operation, spray can be adjusted at random, and the spraying effect is good, so still.

High pressure airless spray equipment:

The working principle of high-pressure airless spray is through the booster pump, the coating pressurized to several hundred kg / cm2, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment through the nozzle will be atomized into fine particles, directly eroded to the appearance of a spray coating method.

No air spray the main strengths:

1. Satisfactory construction power; spraying power in the 300m2 / h or more, greatly saving manpower and working hours.

2. Continuous adhesion, extended coating life; high pressure airless spray using high-pressure spray atomization, so that the coating particles to obtain a strong kinetic energy, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment paint particles to move the kinetic energy into the workpiece space, so that the coating more dense, and the workpiece The mechanical bite force is enhanced, the adhesion progresses, the useful extension of the coating life.

 3. Saving paint; especially for high viscosity anti-corrosion coating, air spray due to air in the workpiece surface when the paint out of the paint, paint utilization reduced. And no air spray, can get a uniform coating, the rebound is also smaller than the air spray, the useful use of paint high, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment relatively air spray method can save 10-30% of paint.

High-pressure airless spray equipment can be divided into two types of electric and pneumatic, electric 220V AC power, no need to tighten the air, and low noise, not only to the use of the workshop, and the appropriate use of field work. Pneumatic to 3-8kg / cm2 compressed air for power, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment suitable for use in the workshop and field construction. In the field without power occasions and mobile occasions, available gasoline engine driven high pressure airless spray machine, the same can work, and no pull no hanging, mobile convenience. The lack of airless spray is that the amount of paint is large and the atomized particles are thicker, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment so the thickness of the coating is not easy to control, and it is not as good as air spraying.

Common type: Merkur30: 1 pneumatic high pressure airless sprayer, XTREME45: 1 pneumatic high pressure airless sprayer, UltraMax490 / 695/795 electric high pressure airless sprayer; for large area of monochrome work of steel corrosion, shipbuilding and maritime , Marine engineering, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment oil tank and pipeline corrosion, fire coating and civil construction spraying.

Air-assisted airless spraying equipment:

Air-assisted airless spray, also known as mixed air spray, is a small amount of compressed air impact of the speed of the fluid and the end of the atomization of the spray method.

Mixed spray spray both airless spray speed and air spray appearance of good quality characteristics, set the length of both in one, excellent painting quality, and its coating power of about 60-80%, is a wide range of use , The ideal, worthy of implementation of the new spray method.

Common types are: Merkur30: 1 air auxiliary airless spray machine, suitable for furniture, light industry machinery, leather ornaments, hardware tools, automobile and motorcycle accessories.

High efficiency low pressure spraying equipment:

Efficient low-pressure spray is a high-power low-pressure spray, also referred to as HVLP spray, it is to reduce the compressed air pressure, the appropriate progress of flow and finish atomization. Usually air spray requires air pressure 3-5kg / cm2, while HVLP spray only 0.2-0.7kg / cm2, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment so the paint rebound greatly reduced, the coating transmission power of up to 65% or more, and excellent spray quality. But the gun attributed to low-pressure spray, it can only spray the lower viscosity of the paint (usually 20S below), and the amount of paint is slow, the production power is not high. HVLP spray has two kinds of electric pneumatic, electric mobile cleaning convenience, the air for the warm air, oil and water pollution, suitable home improvement, or small batch on-site work; pneumatic type for the set for the paint, spray high power, suitable for factory production.

Common types are electric GTS3800, pneumatic Titon308HVLP finishing sprayer. Apply to varnish finish Toner spray.

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