The Use Of Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger Is Also More And More Extensive
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The Use Of Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger Is Also More And More Extensive

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Performance characteristics of tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger:

Chemical production process of heat exchange and transmission is achieved through the heat exchanger, heat exchange often have some strong corrosion of strong oxidizing materials, therefore, must use corrosion-resistant materials to produce heat exchanger, tetrafluoroethylene The heaters solved this problem well. Here, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger for everyone to briefly analyze the anti-corrosion equipment in the performance characteristics of tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger.

Polytetrafluoroethylene chemical inert materials, in addition to high temperature elements such as fluorine, chlorine and other chemical substances, almost all the work in the medium, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger after spraying the PTFE heat exchanger has a very good anti-corrosion properties , Its performance characteristics are as follows:

1, due to the chemical inertia of PTFE tube, the surface smoothness, winding and high coefficient of expansion, so that the heat transfer surface is difficult to scale, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger greatly reducing the number of equipment maintenance to ensure a relatively stable heat transfer coefficient and Production of long-term operation.

2, PTFE heat exchanger in the polytetrafluoroethylene does not contain photosensitive gene, which has excellent resistance to atmospheric aging. In the strong corrosive medium in the life of stainless steel is 20 to 30 times, plus exemption from the maintenance, the accident caused by the loss of production, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger the overall cost is definitely lower than other heat exchangers.

3, tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger heat transfer performance is good, because the heat exchanger is a thin-walled tube, so overcome the shortcomings of high thermal conductivity of PTFE material, so that the total heat transfer coefficient of up to 150 to 300 ( W / ㎡K). The use of enhanced heat transfer technology, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger so that greatly improved its pressure, the total heat transfer coefficient has also increased.

4, tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger small size, light weight, compact structure, the unit volume of heat transfer area is particularly large, in the transport, installation, maintenance is very convenient.

Heat exchanger is a very important component in industrial production, but also as an important part of heat transfer, PTFE heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger, is also widely used in a heat exchanger The Tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger material is a chemical plastic - PTFE composition, but we all know that the general heat exchanger are made of metal stainless steel. In recent years, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger slowly appeared acid and alkali, antioxidant long life of fluorine plastic heat exchanger.

Why use a tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger to replace the traditional material heat exchanger?

 We all know that the metal heat exchanger has a low melting point, encountered acid and alkali corrosion and then produce chemical reaction with the resulting material to block the chemical pipeline, and cleaning difficulties, can not use corrosive substances for cleaning, long and lead to its low life Disadvantages. But the tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger material "tetrafluoroethane" is a fully inert substance, almost no material with all the chemical reaction, its main advantage is more durable than the metal heat exchanger, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance. The tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger is a heat exchanger with a Teflon hose as a heat transfer unit. Cold and heat sources were walking shell or tube, which formed between the two media between the wall of the heat exchange.

The corrosion resistance of the tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger is the best of all heat exchangers, and because of the special structure of the tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger, PTFE Tetrafluoroethane Heat Exchanger the interior is made up of very good, There is vibration, so it is basically not fouling. Cleaning frequency is very low, the basic use of the period without cleaning, can also effectively prevent the occurrence of corrosion, so tetrafluoroethane heat exchanger is very practical chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries heat exchange equipment, the use is more and more widely.

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